Wishing You A Joyous Holiday and Happy New Year

We the family and staff at Crystal Key Ministries wish everyone a continued joyous holiday season and a prosperous new year. As we enter into 2017, we will be looking forward to expansion and to the opportunities that are afforded to this ministry. God sees fit to minister to God's own  people in various formats. We will not be looking back to the old, as we venture onward towards new things in Christ.

On this New Years Eve, we will be looking forward towards growth and "all things that are passed away". In 2017, "all things will be new". Pray for us as we venture towards the completion of the fulfillment of God's promise for this ministry and it's expansion. It is our heartfelt desire to reach as many of God's people in leadership roles (not limited to Pastors and Bishops), and help others towards effective ministry, leadership, teaching, and identifying resources for growth. Those who do no tthink that they need to grow this year are living beneath their priviledge. None of us have 'arrived' and we are all in this together. A vision is being cast for leadership and we are working diligently towards that end.

Some might say that we are dispensing with sound doctrine but our fore-fathers did not envision technology, the internet and other things which all have a purpose in the Kingdom of God. We will continue to abide by the Word of God, and not the auspices and purposes of man and thought. Towards that end, we have discontinued work on some other projects such as podcasts and other services which we provided to others willingly. We will be devoting more time to this blog and other new projects towards the end of providing an effective ministry resource to be used freely, as God allows us to do so.

Yours In Christ,

Curtis L. Brewington, Sr.
Founder and CEO